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About Me!

Ambar Ramirez


For as long as she can remember, Ambar Ramirez has had her nose in the books, finding an escape from reality, but before she knew it reality caught up. The stories she read as a child were anything but true and as an adult, Ambar aims to keep the world informed using what she knows best, writing. Ofcourse, Ambar didn’t just enjoy reading, for that would have affected her social life greatly, she also enjoyed dressing up and later in life would start reading magazines. Magazines were a different species to her, with vivid images and engaging stories that still told the truth about the ever-changing world around her. While the stories she began to read were true, they only captured the good and the socially acceptable, when the truth is that nothing is perfect. From this moment on, Ambar hoped to one day be able to tell stories that capture life as it is, beautiful but messy. Today, Ambar is a student at the University of North Florida with a major in multimedia journalism and a minor in writing studies. She has volunteered at the school’s newspaper, Spinnaker, in which she had a range of stories published on their website. She enjoys writing and learning about the world and more importantly, the people around her. With stories about the state of climate and the effects of mass production to stories about the evolving way people express themselves, she aims to tell the stories of those not heard and stories that affect all. When she isn’t at school or work, one can find Ambar taking pictures of the world around her and writing more creative pieces like poetry and flash fiction. She hopes to one day work for a magazine, or create her own, and continue to break the stigma that things need to be perfect to be important.

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